• Christian Rodriguez (@fb_puertorico_787)

    From Luquillo, PR, Christian has been fingerboarding for over 7 years. His favorite set ups include 34mm decks and 34mm dynamic tricks. On his spare time, Christian also enjoys bodyboarding.

    "Amo a mi isla! (I love my island!)"

    Also sponsored by: Flashbone Fingerboards.

  • Nick Wallis (@nou_fb)

    "Born and raised in the PNW, I grew up playing with Tech Decks. Started my fingerboarding journey at the start of 2023. Fingerboarding has become my tranquility. I love Counter-Strike, watching movies and shows on my free time and, of course, spending time with my beautiful wife and two amazing kids. My preferred setups are 36mm Redemption FB's and 35mm Milk Fb's with Dynamic or Caramel trucks. Abstract wheels all the way!"

    Also sponsored by: FingerFlowRamps.

  • Ej Hazlewood (@thefingerboardqueen)

    "Hi my name is Ej, I'm from the south of England and I've been fingerboarding for around 14 years! I also ride for Teak tuning and most of my setups include mostly Teak products! I love a medium mold deck with a longer nose than tail! I once owned my own deck company called AstronimicalUK but I packed up my workshop when my daughter came along. I'll be back one day when housing space allows it! Thanks for reading."

    Also sponsored by: Teak Tuning.

  • Russell Hawyes (@deadend_fb_russell)

    “I was born in South Africa and moved to England in 2020. I got my first Tech Deck in December 1999. My sponsors are Maple Lab Fingerboards, Islander Ramps, Curious Boards and Dank Wax. I currently live in Colchester, Essex. I really love street skating and stairs with rails. My first Pro Model deck is available now too. Thanks for all the support.”

    Also sponsored by: Maple Lab Fingerboards, Curious Board, Dank Wax.